Dr D. C. Deeming, Welton, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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Joint Winner of the2002 Ig Nobel Prize for Biology

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Practical, unbiased advice on commercial incubation and problems with embryonic development, is hard to find. Perhaps you think that research into incubation problems is not worth the effort in time or in money? However, it is when times are hard that investment in technical help in assessing your hatchery operation and identifying potential problems will reap both short and long-term benefits and profits.

Dr Charles Deeming has been working as an independent consultant to the hatchery industry in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia since 1996 and has dealt with some of the biggest names in the UK Poultry Industry. I offer a confidential service with on-site practical advice on how you may be able to improve your productivity and hence the profits of your hatchery. Each visit is accompanied by an extensive written report at no additional cost.

Perhaps it is time for you to consider the financial benefits of assessing your hatching operation more closely?

Services Offered:

         Incubation trouble-shooting based on scientific assessment of fertility and pattern of embryonic mortality in all species of poultry (see article on Humidity), game birds and ratites and an understanding of how machines are supposed to perform

         Assessment of hatchery operations dealing with egg quality and handling, incubation parameters and machine operation, and problems with procedures

         Egg quality workshops dealing with practical aspects of hatching egg quality and training of breeder farm staff to set hatching eggs (Egg quality workshop)

         Training lectures on embryology and practical incubation aimed at improving the understanding of hatchery staff (See Poultry courses and Ostrich course) and other workers in aviculture (See Zoo course)

         Scientific research into practical aspects of incubation including reports from the literature on particular subjects of interest (Publications)


Would your hatchery operation benefit from my experience? Please feel free to contact me to discuss how I could help your company, and to receive a quotation of my very reasonable rates.


D. C. Deeming

PhD in Avian Embryology from the University of Reading, England

Research consultant with Center for Applied Poultry Research, Spelderholt, Holland (1998-1999)

Chartered Biologist and Member of the Institute of Biology

Member of UK Branch of the World's Poultry Science Association

Member of Poultry Science Association (USA)

Editor of Egg Incubation: Its Effects On Embryonic Development In Birds And Reptiles (Cambridge University Press, 1991) (Publications)

Author of Ratite Egg Incubation - A Practical Guide (Ratite Conference, 1997) (Publications)

Regular contributor and Secretary to the UK Incubation and Fertility Research Group meetings (see

Publisher of Ratite Conference Books